Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton – Special Issue   $14.99

The first-ever Lapham’s Quarterly special issue is an exploration of the life and legacy of Alexander Hamilton through extracts from speeches, letters, political pamphlets, novels, and works of history. Contributors include Henry Adams, Gore Vidal, Thomas Paine, Gertrude Atherton, Claude Bowers, Abigail Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Ezra Pound.

Also included:

—Essays by H.W. Brands (on Hamilton’s financial system), John Sedgwick (on the Hamilton-Burr duel), and William Hogeland (on the Whiskey Rebellion)

—Illustrated features explore Hamilton’s feuds with other founding fathers, his founding of the New York Post, and his scheme for a public lottery

—Full-color reproductions of art and ephemera from the National Archives, the New York Public Library, Columbia University, and the New-York Historical Society

—45 essays and excerpts

As Lapham’s Quarterly is currently on hiatus (read more here), we are pausing our back issue and merchandise sales at this time. We look forward to re-opening our store later this year.